Together with our partners, Pharmafilter is working on a better future. How? Our international team strives to make hospitals and the environment cleaner. Our installation and other innovative solutions improve patient care, simplify waste disposal and purify hospital waste water.

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Pharmafilter is an innovative, customer-oriented organization. We offer substantial benefits for patients, staff and hospitals. Our system improves hospital service, hygiene, patient safety and efficiency and contributes to a more pleasant working environment for staff.

We believe in a circular economy. Consequently, our organization’s corporate activities contribute to a sustainable society by tackling real social issues. We have created the Pharmafilter system to recycle as many materials and products as possible so that loss of valuable resources is reduced to a minimum.

All of the consumables designed by Pharmafilter are produced sustainably and are biodegradable. Our bioplastics, for example, are made of organic waste and can be converted into biogas after use through anaerobic fermentation.

The Pharmafilter system makes innovation in and around hospitals possible. We also put our heads together with clients, employees and other stakeholders, creating an environment that is conducive to innovation.

At Pharmafilter, we consider it a challenge to minimize the burden on the environment. Together with our partners, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our technology in all areas, whether this involves the extraction of the necessary resources, production, transport, use or waste processing.