Pharmafilter is a customer-driven, innovative organisation. We offer patients, care staff and hospital boards important, measurable benefits in the field of safety, sustainability, circularity and resource efficiency.

We work in an ecosystem with our technical and circular partners to build a better future for our planet. Our international team is committed to creating a cleaner environment and we achieve this through hospitals. With our integrated, expandable platform and innovative solutions, we help hospitals across Europe make waste and waste water treatment a hassle-free, circular and (financially) healthy operation.

We believe in a circular economy. Our business activities consequently contribute to a more sustainable society by addressing real social problems. With the Pharmafilter platform, we aim for the maximum reusability of raw materials and products to keep the destruction of value to a minimum.

All the consumable goods that we develop are produced sustainably and are biodegradable. These bioplastics are made from organic residual waste and, after use, can be converted into biogas by means of fermentation in our installation.

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Solid waste

The solid waste that is filtered in the first step of the process is also treated in the Pharmafilter installation. The organic fraction of this waste stream is subject to fermentation, yielding biogas for the production of sustainable-renewable electricity and heat. The remaining waste undergoes a process of dewatering and decontamination.

Following this, the waste can be safely separated so that plastics and precious metals can be reused. This waste disposal method increases circularity options and reduces the hospital's CO2 footprint, as well as waste collection and disposal costs.

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