Our vision
Our vision

Crucial changes call for an inspired vision. Without vision, we would never have had 'I have a dream', 'tear down this wall' or a 'giant leap for mankind'.

With medicinal residues in the environment and growing antibiotic resistance threatening global health, we urgently need a crucial change. Which is why we invite you to share our vision.

A vision that is as bold and ambitious as it is proven successful. And one that introduces a new way of thinking about hospital waste, waste water and circularity.

In this vision, waste and waste water are not seen as problems, but as solutions. Where others see risks, we at Pharmafilter see circular and sustainable solutions on a financially sound basis. Together with our partners, we turn those opportunities into tangible resul

At leading hospitals across Europe, Pharmafilter has proven to be the smartest, safest most effective and sustainable way to process hospital waste and waste water. Our integrated waste and waste water treatment platform solves many of the major challenges that health care institutions face today.

It returns water back to nature completely decontaminated. Therefore it is reusable for grey water applications. It turns costly biohazardous waste into reusable, profitable materials. And it mitigates health risks for employees, patients and visitors.

What's more, it contributes to solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. From staffing shortages to polluter pays legislation and sustainability reporting requirements. We are realistic enough to understand that major issues surrounding sustainability and circularity demand a concerted effort. That is why we are opening our platform to ambitious third parties who can make a significant contribution with their techniques or ideas.

And because we understand that a healthy hospital needs a healthy business case, we also offer Pharmafilter-as-a-Service. We are a sustainability partner that is as committed to circular waste and waste water as you are, will bring you peace of mind both in terms of finances and operations.

So, embrace our vision today. And make your hospital part of the 'giant leap' that this planet needs.

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Solid waste

The solid waste that is filtered in the first step of the process is also treated in the Pharmafilter installation. The organic fraction of this waste stream is subject to fermentation, yielding biogas for the production of sustainable-renewable electricity and heat. The remaining waste undergoes a process of dewatering and decontamination.

Following this, the waste can be safely separated so that plastics and precious metals can be reused. This waste disposal method increases circularity options and reduces the hospital's CO2 footprint, as well as waste collection and disposal costs.

Want to know more about what Pharmafilter and the Tonto can do for the sustainability targets of your hospital? Contact us directly.