press-release / 1 June 2020

Pharmafilter system eliminates Coronavirus in hospital waste water

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Corona / Coronavirus / hospital / waste water / water purification / water treatment

Earlier this month it made the news: Corona virus has also been found in sewage water. With the call to be especially careful when working with sewage water. Naturally, this message also affected the activities of Pharmafilter.

Firstly, because it is our promise to remove all micropollutants, including viruses and bacteria, from hospital wastewater. Hospitals that are now overcrowded with COVID-19 patients, also contaminate the sewage with Coronavirus. Last week we had the purified water from two of our Pharmafilter installations tested for the presence of (traces of) the new Corona virus.

The tests prove the usefulness of purification at the source. Please find further information in the report attached: Covid19 Report-EK. Wastewater from the hospital demonstrably contains traces of Corona. Water that leaves the Pharmafilter installation after the various purification processes is free from any contamination: the Corona virus or hereditary material of this virus (RNA) is completely absent. A comforting thought.

Secondly, the message was relevant to our employees and clients. In fact, this means that we take the precautions that we are already used to and use the personal protective equipment that is necessary for working with waste water. In that respect, this virus is the same as all other micro-organisms that occur in sewage: one should not come into contact with it during ones work. And that won’t happen. A safe thought.

Thirdly, because we manage solid waste safely. The Pharmafilter installation decontaminates all solid wastes that have been processed by the system. The increase in the amount of specific hospital waste that is faced by many hospitals due to corona, is prevented by the Pharmafilter installation. We transfer potential harmful wast into ordinary waste, that is 8 times cheaper to process.

Pharmafilter remains fully committed to achieve cleaner hospitals and a cleaner environment during and after this crisis.