The Tonto grinds up any unusable materials generated by the department easily and hygienically and is connected to the Pharmafilter system.

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The Tonto’s opening is on its front and is positioned at an ergonomic height. It is always ready for use. The Tonto’s hatch is connected to a pedal, so minimum contact is required.


The entire process revolves around hygiene. After each use, the machine is automatically cleaned under high pressure (5 bar).

Self-cleaning and disinfection

As a default the Tonto will automatically start a self-cleaning session daily. Additionally disinfection takes place on a regular basis. The cleaning and disinfection intervals can be adjusted in co-operation with the customer.


Location and communication

Through a network, each Tonto knows where it is located in the building, automatically adjusting its settings accordingly. The Tonto communicates with the data centre and records all operations, so that the hospital has immediate insights into the number of times materials are processed and the performance of all of the Tontos. Any malfunctions are automatically communicated to the immediate breakdown service.

Plug & Play

In the event of a malfunction, the Tonto can easily be replaced. This means nurses are not distracted from their primary tasks any more than absolutely necessary. A docking station in combination with a special pallet truck has been developed to facilitate easy and safe replacement.


The waste is ground in a closed drum. The Tonto is automatically cleaned after each use and periodically disinfected.

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The most important features


Its pedal makes the Tonto easy to use. The opening is located at an ergonomic height, making it easy for staff to dispose of waste.


The waste is ground in a closed drum. The Tonto is automatically cleaned after each use and periodically disinfected.


The safe design ensures that users never come into contact with the blades inside the Tonto. The machine automatically shuts down if overloaded.

Our service

We monitor our Tontos externally. In the event of a technical malfunction, the Tonto can be dismounted from the docking station very easily, to be replaced by a back-up Tonto.

Optional extras

Tontos can be fitted with a WiFi module on request

For more information about the Tonto and the Pharmafilter system, please refer to our digital brochure.

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Safe and hygienic disposal of waste on the department.

Measurements LxWxH
100cm x 60cm x 185cm (approx. 39.5in x 23.5in x 73in)

Minimal width of location
80cm (approx. 31.5in)

Minimal depth of location
230cm (approx. 91in) (to allow access with the pallet truck)

Weight of machine
Approx. 700kg (approx. 1550lb.)

Electrical connection (b)
400V 3P + N + 16A C

Water connection (d)
Washing machine tap G3/4” with external thread, min. water pressure of 0.15MPa at approx. 25 litre/min. (approx. 5.5 gallon/min.). The hose is provided

Sewer connection (a)
110mm (approx. 4.3in) outside diameter, min. fall of 1/200, max. fall of 1/50 (ideally 1/100)

Data connection (c)
UTP connection

Non-processable waste
Glass, metal, office paper and batteries

Data sheet and fixing points for the docking station are supplied separately