The Olla is a new, bioplastic bedpan for single use. This bedpan is more comfortable, stabler and suitable for both men and women. Its innovative design makes it more efficient and hygienic in use.

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Current work process for bedpans

Steel bedpans and urinals are inefficient to use and cleaning them for re-use takes a long time. As many separate actions are involved, the nurses touch bedpans and urinals many times and therefore have to disinfect their hands just as frequently.

Current bedpanwork process Step 3Open machine Step 4Remove gloves and dispose of them in bin. Disinfect hands Step 6Place dirty bedpan in rinser and turn rinser on Step 5Remove clean bedpan(s) from machine Step 1Collect bedpan from rinsing room Step 2Bring bedpan back to rinsing room Step 8Machine rinses bedpan (6-8 minutes)Bedpan stays in machine after rinsing Step 7Disinfect hands Risk of cross-contamination Actions Patient asksfor a bedpan


The Pharmafilter process

Comfortable bedpan for a more hygienic and more efficient work process.

Ergonomically shaped, stable seat for men and women
Time saved by streamlining work processes
Less contact, lower risk of contamination
Fully degradable, benefitting the environment. 100% sound choice
The Olla process

Seating comfort

The Olla is much easier to sit on than a traditional steel bedpan and because of its bioplastic surface, it doesn’t feel hot or cold.

Designed with the patient in mind

The bedpan is easy to use and its ergonomically shaped seat is comfortable. If necessary, a handle can be attached to the Olla’s side.


The Olla’s structural design

Thanks to our smart design, the Olla can support up to 150 kg (approx. 330lb). The elevated front also makes it easy for women to use the Olla.


Partition and scale markings

Urine and faeces are separated, so taking samples for further examination is simple. This, in turn, makes it possible to start treatment sooner. The scale markings in the Olla clearly show the volume of fluids.



The lid provided with Olla seals the bedpan completely, so no unpleasant odours can escape. The membranes in the lid allow for samples to be taken for examination after the lid has been closed.

Risk of cross-contamination Actions Patient asks for an Olla bedpan Step 2Discard Olla and gloves in Tonto grinder Olla Saves time, hygiene, hand disinfection frequency Step 1Take Olla to rinsingroom after use Step 3Disinfect hands

The most important features

Design innovation

The bedpan's oval shape ensures seating comfort for both men and women. The partition makes it possible to collect urine separately.


The biopolymer the Olla is made of is 100% biodegradable in the Pharmafilter installation.

A cleaner environment

The Olla bedpan is for single use and is completely ground up and disposed of by the Tonto. This means no bedpan washer is required, saving a lot of water.

Making work easier

The Olla is more hygienic in use and weighs just 400 grams (approx. 0.9 pounds).

Optional extras

For even greater ease of use, the Olla can also be supplied with a lid and handle.

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Single-use bioplastic bedpan for men and women

Default measurements LxWxH
30cm x 39cm x 9cm (approx. 11.8in x 15.5in x 3.5in)

Volume of first compartment in cc
500ml (approx. 0.13gal.)

Volume of second compartment in cc
800ml (approx. 0.21gal.)

Airtight, watertight and odour-proof. Cannot be opened after sealing

Biodegradable polymer

Heat resistance

Cold resistance

Shelf life
12 months after removal from the box

Contents of a box
10 or 20 units

Maximum user weight
150kg (approx. 330lb)

Anti-splash rim