The Botta is a men's urinal with 24-hour storage capacity that patients can easily use without the help of a nurse. This means that the urinal needs replacing less frequently and the patient has more independence. The Botta can be used one single time and has an innovative sealing mechanism that prevents unpleasant odours from escaping.

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Current urinal work process

Contemporary urinals require a complicated work process involving many actions and a high frequency of contact. During this process, nurses run the risk of cross-contamination five times every 24 hours.

Current urinal work process on average5 times per 24 hours Step 3Disinfect hands Step 4Remove clean urinal(s) from machine Step 6Disinfect hands Step 5Place dirty urinal in rinser and turn rinser on Step 1Bring urinal to rinsing room Step 2Open machine Step 7Machine rinses urinal (6-8 minutes) Urinal stays inmachine after rinsing Risk of cross-contamination Actions Patient asksfor a urinal


The Pharmafilter process

Men's urinal with a storage capacity sufficient for 24 hours

Innovative sealing mechanism
Less contact, lower risk of contamination
Features scale markings for accurate measurement of fluid volume
Made of bioplastics and degradable in the Pharmafilter
The Pharmafilter Botta


The Botta can be used once and has a 24-hour storage capacity. This is much more convenient for patients, as it means they do not need to ask nursing staff for urinals as frequently. The sealing mechanism ensures no unpleasant odours can escape.


Ergonomically sound supine position

The Botta’s unique shape makes it easy for patients to use by themselves, so no nurse is required at the bedside.


Two non-return valves

Unpleasant odours are sealed in by two non-return valves. These valves also ensure the urine cannot seep out.

Accurate fluid measurement

Both the storage and the collection bag in the Botta feature scale markings, making it easy to determine precisely how much fluid they contain after each use.



The Botta is supplied with a lid for additional sealing, but can also be used without the lid.

Risk of cross-contamination Actions Patient asks for a Botta urinal Step 2Discard Botta and gloves in Tonto grinder Botta Once per 24 hours Step 1Take Botta to rinsing room after use Step 3Disinfect hands

The most important features


The Botta collection bag has a storage capacity sufficient for 24 hours, so patients do not need to call on nursing staff as often.


Its unique design enables patients to use the urinal without assistance.


Using the Botta lowers the risk of seepage and allows nursing staff to work more hygienically.

A cleaner environment

The Botta is made of bioplastic and is completely anaerobically digested in the Pharmafilter installation. This minimizes the burden on the environment.

Optional extras

The Botta is provided with an optional lid and a hook so that it can be hung on the bed.

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Disposable bioplastic men's urinal

Collection bag measurements LxWxH
35cm x 25cm x 5cm (approx. 14in x 10in x 2in)

Tube length
1m (approx. 3.3ft)

Bed hook measurements
7cm x 3cm (approx. 2.8in x 1.2in)

Collection bag volume in cc
800ml (approx. 0.21gal.)

Storage bag volume in cc
3 litres (approx. 0.8 gallons)

Seals in all air, water and odours. Polymer non-return valve and films