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If you would like to find out more about our Pharmafilter installation or one of our products, or wonder what we can do for your hospital, please fill out the contact form or call +31 20 420 3392.

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Pharmafilter dedicates itself to making hospitals and the environment cleaner. Our organisation is always actively looking for innovative solutions that help create a brighter future.

The Pharmafilter system and our products make innovation in and around hospitals possible. The system improves hospital service, hygiene, patient safety and efficiency and so creates a more pleasant working environment for staff. In addition, both the anaerobic fermentation of waste and the purification of waste water save costs and benefit the environment.

“Hospital cleanliness and safety are vital for patients, staff and visitors alike. Pharmafilter’s innovative solutions and attention to environmental aspects make your work easier, safer and more pleasant.”

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+31 20 420 3392

If you would like to find out more about our system, the installation or our products, we will be happy to call or email you back to answer your questions.

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